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Shenghong Refinery (Lianyuangang) Co., Ltd. is the implementation subject of “16,000,000 tons refining integration project of Shenghong Refinery (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd.”. The project is located in Lianyungang Petrochemical Industry Base of Jiangsu Province (Xuwei New District Petrochemical Industrial Park), with a total construction investment of about 67.7 billion yuan and a total planned area of 613.19 hectares. After being constructed and put into operation, the project can realize an annual output value of about 92.5 billion yuan and a profit tax of about 24 billion yuan. The project was included in “Petrochemical Industry Planning Layout Scheme” by the State Council in July 2018, which is one of the nine major projects supported by the State Council and one of the three private refining projects.

Integration project of Shenghong Refinery includes the oil refining area, chemical industrial area, torch area and storage area, with a construction scale of 16,000,000 tons/year of oil refining, 2,800,000 tons/year of paraxylene and 1,100,000 tons/year of ethylene, while the chemical plants such as ethylene glycol, cracked gasoline hydrogenation, styrene, vinyl acetate and butadiene are constructed simultaneously in the downstream, supported by 300,000 tons of crude oil terminal, four 50,000 tons of liquid chemical terminals and 4,250,000 cubic meters of warehouse.

After the completion, the project can improve the support capacity of domestic paraxylene, ethylene, ethylene glycol and other basic bulk petrochemical raw materials, break through the industrial chain of crude oil refining and high-end chemical industry, realize the qualitative change from the direct chain of gasoline and diesel oil to the reticular industrial chain, and promote the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of our petrochemical industry.